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Quantum Materials (QM) Canada aims to continue the unique Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) QM program tradition of open discussion and collaboration on Quantum Materials that has led, for over 30 years, to a very strong international network of collaboration and to many scientific breakthroughs. It was initiated by André-Marie Tremblay and Michel Gingras in 2019.

QM Canada wishes to include a broader participation of Canadian researchers than what was possible before. Our goal is to connect the QM Canada community, promote our young future leaders, and offer scientific activities of the highest caliber to our graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

The first meeting of QM Canada was scheduled in May 2020 but, due to the Covid-19, the meeting was postponed. In the meantime, a first summer journal-club initiated by Hae-Young Kee, was successfully held in the summer of 2020. Given the success of this initiative, it is continuing with, hopefully, your participation.

  • Michel Gingras
  • Hae-Young Kee
  • André-Marie Tremblay

Other co-organizers of the cancelled May 2020 meeting (2021 meeting is coming soon)

  • David Broun   
  • Steve Dodge
  • Patrick Fournier
  • Marcel Franz
  • Yong Baek Kim
  • Roger Melko
  • Louis Taillefer
  • Joseph Thywissen
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